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Recorded at 721 Willow Ave Hoboken, NJ


released December 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Psychiatric Metaphors New Jersey

Psychiatric Metaphors is psychedelic punk music

King Pizza Records


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Track Name: Say Goodbye To The World
Until the end,
Ill run away,
Far in Space I am astray,
Somebody said,
Open The door,
so i pored all my blood out on the floor.

Until the end,
Im on my way,
Back to the galaxies,
Where i should stay,
Under the earth,
the phenoms stir,
restless and hungry,
Say Goodbye to the world.
Track Name: She's Not At Home
My stomach turns on you,
My Life is in the blue,
My heads in need of you,
My Chain is breaking through,
Her love is sweet as bliss,
I love her fleeting kiss,
her eyes are fierce like death,
but i dont mind the test.

Im all alone,
shes not at home,
and i'm on the edge.

She pulls me back,
I always fight,
but i know that she's always right.
Track Name: Does The Moon Know?
Driving down a dirt road,
halfway through New Mexico,
I looked out the window and i saw your soul,
floatin' in the desert like a ghost.

Phosphoresent Caves line the star streaked highways ,
II sit and i gaze all the walls surround me,
I wonder if the moon knows the stars surround it,
I guess ill never know so ill think about it.
Track Name: The Lopper
Who are You?
Sittin in the city,
lookin real pretty,
feelin' kinda shitty,
I'm going to a wedding,
its down on 26th street,
are you coming with me?
I think I need a little Company.

Who are You?
Sittin in the city,
lookin real pretty,
Im feeling kinda shitty,
Yea im going to funeral,
or did i say a wedding?
its up on 47th street,
Please wont you come with me?
Track Name: Labour Transports
Deep inside,
so far away,
light falls aside,
we long for the day,
the we will arrive,
on the shore of dismay.

Labour Transports,
Under my wing,
we fly deep in space,
now we arrive,
the landing we find is great and true,
why wont you stay true?
Track Name: Man In The Red Van
Looking out my window,
hes sitting outside,
every other day,
he offers people rides.

Oh Man in the red van,
what are you looking for,
no one wants to see you,
looking for a score.

He's over on the corner,
Does he even know?
im looking out my window,
I can see him lying low,

Oh man in the red van,
you really gotta go,
no one wants to see you,
smoking all your dope.
Track Name: Mirror In The Nile
I landed on,
a desert isle,
far from life,
a mirror in the nile.

baby wont you,
just pull me through,
our love is always,
on the noose.

desire in,
the form of shells,
our love is always,
on the beach of hell,

baby wont you,
just come and see,
i need your love,
more than you need me.

Funeral coming,
i feed my soul,
i make my way,
to county line road,
there ill find,
my love is sweet,
and it comes to me,
in the middle of the street,
Track Name: You're With Them
I might be to blind to see,
your true belief is hidden deep,
are you with them, are you with me?
are you with them, are you with me?

I might just be up in the trees,
but you my friend are underneath,
the sky is wide and i dont see
are you with them, are you with me?
are you with them, are you with me?
Track Name: My Imaginary Friend (Smokes Cigarettes)
Under the moonlight sky,
i hear you enter my mind,
i see you there in my eyes,
smoking a stoag on my time.
Your ashes burn through my skin,
i hear you spilling your gin,
you filled my life full of sin,
liquor and cigs in my bins.

I hear you calling my name,
back somewhere behind my brain,
please stop and go on your way,
they call you imaginary.
under this moonight sky,
i hear you sit there and die,
why did you die in my mind,
was it the cigs all this time?
Track Name: Sundance Child
Sundance child,
all this while,
we've been waiting in the isle,
moonlight woman,
give me your hand,
my bodys on,
fire again.